How to style: Côte d‘Amour

Discover elegant looks with the pieces from our new collection! Let’s mix & match! Some women just have that certain "je ne sais quoi" and always look effortlessly stunning. Their secret? A sense of style and a feel for the right combinations. Anse Victorin founder Elena Brenner has been intensely involved with fashion for many years and has learned a secret or two along the way. She knows that the true beauty of an individual piece of clothing fully unfolds as part of a holistic, harmonic look. Enjoy the style guide for our new collection Côte d'Amour and turn heads with wherever you go!

What is important when putting together a good outfit? At Anse Victorin, we aim to create looks that are feminine, elegant and comfortable at the same time, as this is the key to feeling confident! We favour loose cuts and like to work with flowing fabrics to create beautiful silhouettes. Many of our pieces are cut tight at the waist to emphasise the feminine body. Our pants and skirts are are high-waisted to elongate the legs. We also love a beautiful décolleté, so our pieces are designed with gorgeous necklines. Text Text

When it comes to choosing colours we believe in the right combinations that matches your personal attributes like skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. Knowing which colours work for you is crucial for a glowing and stylish appearance! We all know the feeling when we receive an unusual amount of compliments for an outfit – most likely we have chosen a colour that enhances our beauty. Of course the chosen colour combination needs tob e harmonious as well. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative and wear more than two different colours. On the contrary! Expressing your personal style through colours, fabrics and their combinations is great fun! However, make sure that the colours harmonise well with each other and don’t “clash”. When combining patterns, you should make sure that they pick up at least one colour from the bottom or top. And you can never go wrong with feathers – they instantly add a glamorous touch to any look! Text Text

Emma Pink Satin Panzs & Lily Blouse Nude Flower

Our Emma pants in pink satin harmonize perfectly with the Lily Blouse Nude Flower. This look visually elongates the body and creates a stunning silhouette. The lightness of the two pieces make for a flawless overall composition. This elegant summer outfit is ideal for a relaxed brunch on the promenade or a stylish aperitif!

Emma Satin Pants Pink & Lily Blouse Pink Striped

Think Pink! The pink striped Lily blouse goes perfectly with the satin pants in the same colour – for a radiant and striking summer look. The perfect add-on for the beach: the Sophia bikini in pink!

Emma Cream White Satin Pants & Valentine Top

The extravagant Valentine top with an ornate trim of real ostrich feathers is the main player of any look! It goes perfectly with the Emma trousers in smooth white satin. The simple elegance oft he pants makes for a perfect understatement to the extravagance of the top. Combined, the two pieces create a striking look that will turn heads despite the subtle colour combination!

Lily Blouse Cream White & Mia Shorts Cream

Our delicate Lily blouse is the perfect complement to the light and airy Mia shorts. This cream-coloured combination looks particularly beautiful on subtly tanned skin. The harmonious combination of casualness and elegance makes for an irresistible summer look!

Tiffany Swimsuit & Belly Chain

Our gorgeous belly chain is a real jewel that easily adds a certain extravagance to any outfit! It beautifully emphasizes the waist and makes for an effortlessly sexy and elegant look – particularly in combination with the Tiffany swimsuit!

Tiffany Swimsuti & Lea Caftan

In those fleeting moments when time is short and the rush is great, there is a duo that we can always rely on at Anse Victorin: the Tiffany swimsuit and the Lea Caftan! In just a few minutes, you can conjure up a perfectly coordinated beach outfit that gives the illusion of a carefully planned creation. This combination of two stunning, light pieces creates an irresistable beach couture look.

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Anse Victorin always ensures a perfect appearance in the world's most exclusive beach clubs - but not only there! Thanks to their timeless elegance, our pieces are versatile and can also be worn in the colder months and away from the beach. Bring the longing feeling of summer into your look with our style guide!

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Immerse yourself in the world of Anse Victorin! With our first collection Côte d’Amour we aimed to pay tribute to the unrivalled beauty and glamour of the French Riviera. Find out all about the creation process of the Côte d'Amour collection and the beginning of Anse Victorin's journey of timeless elegance.

Preserving beauty: The ultimate care guide for fine fabrics and accessoires

The right care for fine fabrics and materials is essential to preserve their beauty and longevity. At Anse Victorin, we work with exquisite materials such as silk, linen and the finest cotton. Some of our creations are embellished with shimmering sequins, ornate embroidery or real ostrich feathers – handling these treasures with the right care is paramount! We want you to enjoy your Anse Victorin pieces and keep them beautiful for a long time! Please follow the care instructions on the products and adhere to the information on the labels.