About us

Anse Victorin elevates beach wear to couture level: The highest quality and design standards make our versatile and individual pieces the centrepiece of an elegant and luxurious summer look.

We create stylish and unique beach couture for women with elaborate taste and combine elegance and comfort in the finest fabrics and designs.

Elena Brenner is an aspiring designer with German and Persian roots. She creates unique beach couture, swimwear and accessories for her label Anse Victorin in her studio in Vienna. The collections are inspired by the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Our values

Luxury: The relaxed feeling of beachwear, combined with the highest quality standards: We work exclusively with premium materials and always aim to provide the highest quality. Fine fabrics, sophisticated cuts and stylish designs ensure a comfortable and exclusive feel.

Our comfortable and luxurious beach couture captures the feeling of carefree moments and lets you relive the magic of an endless summer.

Anse Victorin embodies elegant beach couture on the highest level and ensures an impeccable appearance at the world’s most beautiful beaches.


At Anse Victorin, we make sure that the highest quality and sustainability standards as well as ethical and fair working conditions are maintained through all stages of our production and supply chain. All of our products are manufactured in Europe.