At Anse Victorin, we make sure that the highest quality and sustainability standards as well as ethical and fair working conditions are maintained through all stages of our production and supply chain. All of our products are manufactured in Europe. We rely on respectful and long-term partnerships with hand-picked producers and suppliers and are committed to minimising the use of energy and resources in our production process. The majority of our products are made from natural materials such as linen, silk and cotton. Our mission is to manufacture high-quality and durable products that can be worn for a long time thanks to their timeless design, careful craftmanship and top quality.

Highest Quality is our top priority at Anse Victorin. Our collections are manufactured exclusively in Europe. We maintain a close partnership with our production facilities and are proud to use high-quality materials such as silk, linen, cotton and ethically sourced ostrich feathers in our products. Our main principle is to maintain the highest quality standards with particular consideration for the environment and fair labour conditions through all stages of our production and supply chain.

The decision to keep our production in Europe is a central component of our sustainability approach. By being close to our production facilities, we can carefully monitor the entire manufacturing process and ensure that the best practices in terms of environmental friendliness and working conditions are adhered to. This enables us to minimize the ecological impact of our production and deliver high-quality fashion at the same time.

Our choice of materials is another key aspect of our sustainability efforts. We use materials such as silk, linen and cotton, which are not only durable and of the highest quality, but also more environmentally friendly than many synthetic alternatives. We are also committed to fair trade to ensure that materials such as ostrich feathers are sourced ethically.